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 Before you start: Follow these instructions if the label states "GRASSCLOTH WALLCOVERING", otherwise follow the instructions marked for "NON-WOVEN" wallpaper.

If you are unsure, please call customer service +1 (561) 241 6906. Before hanging, check that rolls are undamaged, that the product code and batch reference are the same for each roll and that all colors match. Please check which way up the design should be and if in doubt, speak with your designer or retailer or view images online at

It is the responsibility of the decorator to ensure the wallpaper is correct and, during hanging, to check there are no visible faults. No claim for hanging costs will be accepted if any damage is not reported prior to installation.

Panels are pre-trimmed for butt seams. Make sure wall is free of cracks and bumps, finished, patched, sanded and primed with wallpaper primer. Please analyze, measure and cut drops taking in account pattern repeat. Never install material on a wall with any evidence of water damage without confirming the issue has been resolved completely.

Use a professional grade pre-mixed clear adhesive. The electricity should be turned off at the circuit box to remove shock hazard when trimming around electrical outlets.

Our Grasscloth has a nonwoven paper backing with natural sisal weave overlay with horizontal oriented fibers. Metallic Grasscloth has a nonwoven paper backing with a middle foil layer and natural sisal weave overlay with horizontal oriented fibers.

Please pre-trim drops for pattern match leaving at least 2'/5cm extra at the top and bottom of desired
drop length. This allows for unlevel ceilings and floors.

White and Metallic Grasscloth can either be fed through a pasting machine or paste can be rolled on the wall. If you choose to paste the wallpaper, make sure to roll pre-mixed clear adhesive to back of panel, let book for no more than 5 minutes, and with caution, as Grasscloth should never
have paste rolled on the back of the panel prior to installation to ensure the paste never touches the front surface of the roll.

Paste on the front surface is very difficult to clean without damaging the material or leaving areas of discoloration after final drying has finished. If paste makes contact with the front surface, use only a damp sponge and blotting technique to remove wet paste. Never use any form of solvent to clean material.

When pasting the wall be sure to apply the paste to an area wider than the roll width. Grasscloth should never be soaked or left to book. Apply paste to panel or wall, only when ready to install panel.

Use a laser level line or set up a plumb line to establish edge of first panel to begin installation. Once paste is applied to back of first panel, and panel has booked for no more than 5 minutes, roughly position panel on wall according to plumb line. Use plastic wallpaper spreader to smooth out and work out any bubbles or areas of heavy paste.

Trim away waste at floor and ceiling line, as well as around any obstructions, windows, outlets, etc. Use lightly dampened sponge to remove any excess paste that has been worked out from behind panel when smoothed down, again taking care not to expose printed face of grasscloth to paste.

When installing the drops, always take care to finish rolling the seam of the last panel installed and check for proper position and a tight butte seam installation before continuing to the next drop. This material is very dimensionally stable and should not shrink during the curing process while drying.

When attempting final cutting around doors and windows and trim use a brand new cutting blade for each cut. The material is thick and the sisal fibers may be displaced if a dull cutting tool is used. Displaced fibers from a faulty cut can be very unsightly and will diminish the appearance
of the finished installation.

When installing material around an outside corner either create additional seam or use extra paste to ensure firm bondage when folding our White or Metallic Grasscloth. The material is stiff and resists folding in general. Never use a double cut installation technique to ensure paste never touches front surface of the Metallic Grasscloth. The foil liner slows the normal drying time.

Please allow one week for complete cure. This material should be treated with great care. Not recommended for any high traffic or high moisture areas. Care and cleaning must be approached knowing the finished surface is delicate and could be damaged by any abrasive or chemical
process. Small bubbles may be present immediately after installation. Some bubbles may take up to 5 days to shrink and contract out as material dries and adhesive cures.

Bubbles over 5"/12cm in diameter should however, be physically smoothed out before completion.

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