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ORO24k Champagne Coupes Crystal 24k Glass, Set of 2

Nicolette Mayer Collection

Gold is great, but gold cChampagne glasses? Now you’re just showing off.

Elevate your cocktail hour to aristocratic heights with these ORO24k champagne glasses, featuring a lustrous 24-karat gold finish that turns every sip into a lavish affair.

Their sleek, geometric design strikes a balance between retro glamor and modern minimalism, so they’re as stylish as the craft cocktails or champagne they’re destined to hold.

While gold leaf has adorned royal goblets for centuries, these glasses bring that opulence into the 21st century and within reach of us commoners.

Because really, don’t we all deserve to feel like royalty at least once the workday ends?

So go on, channel your inner monarch and fill these glasses with top-shelf Champagne or Prosecco, garnished with gold flakes for good measure.

Your taste buds and Instagram followers will raise a toast to your newfound decadence.

The good life never looked so gold.

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