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"Nicolette Mayer Collection Inspiration for 2017 is the rarified 'World of Blue and White', coveted and obsessed over by collectors for hundreds of years, as we too have been obsessed collectors for years. It started years ago with a museum trip, and a trip to Amsterdam, an image of a Tulipiere; all embedded in the back of my mind for years--brewing, marinating, teasing me. An historian by training, I approach design utilizing both aesthetic passion and historical passion. My collection of Chinese porcelain temple jars and Iznik platters did not satisfy completely. I had a true beloved obsession, and it needed to be expressed.

Now, finally, we design a fresh, exciting approach to the 'World of Blue and White' with a major worldwide exclusive license between Royal Delft and Nicolette Mayer Collection​ to bring the iconic 400 year old beloved iconic signature to wallpaper and fabric and soft goods as The Nicolette Mayer- Royal Delft Collection of Fabric and Wallpaper.

A Little History...

As a South African of English descent, I grew up surrounded by the both the extraordinary natural beauty of Africa and its people & the strong influence of the Dutch and English colonialists and particularly The Dutch East India Company (VOC), who settled South Africa as part of their trade routes between the Netherlands and China. The VOC imported literally tens of millions of pieces of porcelain during the two centuries of its existence (1602-1799) and flooded the Netherlands with all kinds of tablewares made in China or Japan. The benefits and qualities were obvious: porcelain was thin, light and nevertheless very strong, easy to clean, available in many varieties and shapes and, during in the seventeenth century, it imparted status to its owner. It was all the rage.

In the 1640s when porcelain became scarce due to political upheavals in China, the craftsmen in Delft began to copy, then enhance, and eventually create something truly unique and special. Delftware became a real alternative and arguably more sophisticated, with a signature that was Dutch, recognizable and iconic. Potters even managed to make a thinner type of faïence, which they initially decorated with well-painted Oriental designs. Rapidly the most skilful Delft factories, such as De Grieksche A, De Paeuw or De Porceleyne Fles, led the production and decoration of Delft faience to such a degree of perfection that its success spread around the entire European continent and even back to China. 

De Porceleyne Fles, now known as Royal Delft, established in 1653, is the leading manufacturer of authentic handmade and hand painted Delft Blue earthenware, and the only remaining Delft factory. Royal Delft consists not only of traditional Delftware but also inspirational modern Delft Blue. This new worldwide exclusive license with Nicolette Mayer Collection represents for Royal Delft its first entrée out of porcelain, and into fabric, wallpaper and soft goods. Annually the Royal Delft Experience receives 130,000 visitors from around the world who come to admire the craftsmanship that makes Royal Delft unique in this day and age.

Our own master artists at Nicolette Mayer developed all of the extraordinary designs while working in collaboration with Royal Delft’s design director and master artists. We will be introducing this collection in 2017 and will continue adding to its designs for the next few years as we develop new inspirations and other collections 

Nicolette Mayer Collection is distributed throughout the USA and the UK by STARK and STARK/Scalamandre​ in all its design showrooms. The Nicolette Mayer Collection will also distribute Royal Delft porcelain collection throughout the United States. Nicolette Mayer Collection is distributed throughout the world by distributors and interior designers. Our list of stockists is always evolving. Ask us who represents the Nicolette Mayer Collection near you!

Utilizing the very best Belgian Linen, Silk and Cotton Velvet, and Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper, Parchment, Smooth and Rough Pearlized and other New Technology Wallpapers; The Nicolette Mayer Collection with Royal Delft begins with 16 extraordinary patterns on wallpaper, and 8 fabric patterns in multiple color-ways in the categories of wallpaper, fabric and soft goods.

With a background in interior and fashion design, the designs are bold, thoroughly modern, and groundbreaking. Brilliant redefined prints set apart The Nicolette Mayer Collection from other editeur collections for its exciting, refreshing approach to design.

Modern, yet timeless. Bold, yet workable in both contemporary and traditional settings. Historical references, vintage and pop culture mix with cutting-edge new directions in an excitingly fresh tone.  Inspired by the beauty of nature, history and modern life as well as generational culture; all our designs have an authentic story, with refinement, wonder, joy & importantly, restraint. Our collection’s styling to the interior design market reflects an esthetic that is timeless and very much of the moment -- just the balance that is vital in today’s evolving market."   -- Nicolette Mayer                                                                   

The Nicolette Mayer Collection combines the design talent of Nicolette Mayer with the merchandising and business savvy of industry veteran, Jonathan Ostrow.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, The Nicolette Mayer Collection is available at and



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