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Topkapi Garden Mungal Palace Ocre 24X36 Acrylic Art

Nicolette Mayer Collection

Transport yourself to the exotic gardens of a Moroccan palace with this stunning acrylic painting. Thick, textured strokes in vibrant coral and burnt orange capture the intricacies of ornate tilework and intricate wood carvings, evoking the lavish decor of Topkapi's Mungal Palace. At an expansive 24 by 36 inches, this jumbo piece pulls you into its oasis of color and calm. Let your imagination wander its opulent halls and courtyards as you lose yourself in a dream of faraway lands steeped in intrigue and wonder. Contemporary yet timeless, this acrylic masterpiece infuses any space with an air of luxury and adventure. Hang it alone as a dramatic focal point or group it with other paintings from the Nicolette Mayer collection for an artful arrangement inspired by wanderlust. However you display it, this painting is sure to transport onlookers to an exotic escape they’ll never want to leave.

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